Carpet Pompon

Fox Crochet


Crochet Pattern

Carpet with ribbon yarn perfect for decorating your children's bedrooms, crocheted with ribbon yarn Emy in 100% Makò cotton and decorated with cute ponpons.

Level: Size: Ø 75cm
PDF in Italian language

Designed by: Samanta Fornino @FollowTheCrochetfollow



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Emy 100gr

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Composition: 100% Cotton makò Egiptian long fiber
Weight: 100gr / 3,53oz
Lenght: 87 yds
Width: 10mm
Needle Size: US 11 - 13
Crochet Hook:  US L/11
Pull size tg UK 6-9 ca.300

10 mm ribbon yarn in pure Egyptian Makò cotton suitable for knitting and crocheting.
Fashionable colours for making glamorous garments and accessories fast.

Adele Spray

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Soft yarn wick mixed wool with fantasy print.
Easy to work both for beginners and for those who have more experience!!

Made in Italy.

Composition: 30% virgin wool, 70% acrylic
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Length: 47 yds
Needles Size:  9- 10 mm
Crochet Hook: 9 - 10 mm
Pull Size: 38/40 ca. 300gr