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Universal netting fork

Price €9.35

Universal netting fork, Prym, adjustable from 20mm to 100mm in aluminium and plastic, for realize work wide stripes.
With this beautiful crochet technique can make stoles, ponchos, hats, bags, sweaters and more.

The pack contains instructions for use. We can only wish you good work!


Mending needle fine Prym

Price €6.50

This accessory allows you to grab yarns, recover points knitted and even resume points of the socks. It 'also used as a thread guide in serger machines. Ergonomic design with comfortable grip. The protective cap can be placed on the end of the handle so as to make it even more practical.


Circular knitting needles US 17 / 80 cm

Price €16.40

Circular knitting Prym , indispensable for work tubular , with the magic ring technique the  project will be completed without seams.
These circular knitting needles with flexible plastic cords are exactly the right choice when it comes to knitting sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, and more.

Size US 17
Length cable 80 cm