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Ball Anita

Price €8.90

Anita is a thick yarn in acrylic wool blend. Available in bright and fun fancy colors. Its thickness allows you to quickly create everything you want ..

Composition: 52% Wool, 48% Acrilyc
Weight: 100gr
Length: 50mt
Needle Size: US 19/36
Crochet Hook: US P/19
Sample: 10x10 cm = 6,5 stiches x 8 row worknig with needles 15 mm US 19
Pull size: 42 about 600gr


Ball Adele Spray

Price €3.85

Soft yarn wick mixed wool with fantasy print.
Easy to work both for beginners and for those who have more experience!!

Made in Italy.

Composition: 30% virgin wool, 70% acrylic
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Length: 47 yds
Needles Size:  9- 10 mm
Crochet Hook: 9 - 10 mm
Pull Size: 38/40 ca. 300gr


Ball Big Arm Knit

Price €6.60

Big yarn in mixed wool. Perfect for technique Arm Knit. Available in more different colors. Made in Italy.

Composition: 30% Virgin Wool, 70% Acrylic.
Weight: 100gr / 3.53oz
Lenght: 49 yds
Needle Size: 36 - 50 US
Crochet Hook: US S/35
Sample 10x10 cm= 5 stiches x 6 row working with needle 15mm US 19 


Ball Bloom

Regular price €6.80 -50% Price €3.40

Printed bouclé yarn, perfect for creating soft and colorful outerwear and accessories. Made in Italy.

36% Acrylic, 34% Nylon, 20% Virgin Wool, 10% Alpaca Wool.
Wight: 100gr / 3.53oz
Lenght: 197 yds
Needles size: US 10.5 - 11
Crochet Hook: US K10.5
Sample 10x10cm = 13M x 17F whit needles US 10.5


Ball Samba

Price €3.95

Composition: 30% Virgin Wool, 68% Acrylic, 2% Nylon
Yarn effect fur 3 cm
50gr / 1.76 oz
Length: 27 yds
Needles Size: US 15 - 17
Crochet Hook: US M/13 - N/15
Pull size tg. UK 8 ca. 300gr

Fur-effect yarn, an absolute must for this autumn winter season!! Suitable for complete projects as well as for inserts and accessories.

Made in Italy


Ball Amelia Paillettes

Regular price €4.80 -30% Price €3.36

Sequinned yarn made from the finest mohair, suitable for making elegant, lightweight garments.
Made in Italy

Composition: 55% Polyester, 17% Acrylic, 14% Mohair Wool, 14% Nylon.
Wight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 235 yds
Needles Size: US 4
Crochet Hook: US B/1
Pull size tg. 8-9 ca.250gr


Ball Happy

Regular price €2.90 -50% Price €1.45

Composition: 70% Acrylic, 30% Virgin Wool
Wight: 50gr /1.76oz
Lenght: 208 yds
Needle Size: US 4-6
Crochet Hook: E/4 US
Pull size Tg. UK 8 ca. 300 gr

Yarn mixed wool warm and trendy in fluorescent colors. Suitable for crating sparkling knitwear garments and cheerful accessories.
Made in Italy.


Ball Brio

Price €3.85

Fur effect yarn printed mixed alpaca wool. Soft hand, trendy colors. Excellent smoothness. Made in Italy.

Composition: 50% Nylon, 30% Acrylic, 8% Alpaca Wool, 7% Virgin Wool, 5% Viscose
Yarn fur effect 3cm
50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 93 yds
Needle Size: US 8
Crochet Hook: US G6
Pull size UK tg. 6-8 ca. 200 gr


Ball Mambo

Price €3.75

Composition: 100% Nylon
Yarn fur effect 3 cm     
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 197 yd
Needle Size: 4 US
Crochet Hook: US C/2
Pull size tg. UK 8 ca. 200gr

Yarn in soft, fluffy 100% nylon fur. Ideal for trims (borders, collars and cuffs). Combined with other linear yarns you can achieve original, trendy articles.


Ball Eden

Price €2.90

Composition: 48% Acrylic, 24% Mohair, 15% Polyester, 8 % Virgin Wool, 5% Polyammide.
Wight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Length: 165 yds
Needle Size: US 6-7
Crochet Hook:
US 4
Pull size tg small ca. 400gr.

Precious yarn mohair and wool enriched with lurex gold or silver available in fashion colors. High quality garments and accessoires for creating unique. 


Ball Jute

Price €5.65

Composition: 100% Jute Natural
Weight: 100gr / 3.52oz
Lenght: 196yds
Needle Size: US 6 - 8
Crochet Hook: US G/6

Is a rough yarn, rigid and very resistant, indicated for work with crochet. With the juta is possible realizare, bags, accessories, carpets, etc ..


Ball Peggy

Regular price €3.40 -15% Price €2.89

Composition: 71% Cotton, 22% Acrylic, 7% Nylon
Weight: 50gr / 1.76 oz
Lenght: 136 yds
Needle Size: US 4-6
Crochet Hook: US B/1 - C/2

Cotton yarn fantasy. Available in wonderful colors.


Ball copy of Beat Grignasco knits

Regular price €65.00 -50% Price €32.50

Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 100gr / 3,52oz
Lenght: 65 yds
Needles Size:  US15
Crochet Hook: US M/13

The products Grignasco are only available for the indicated quantities, as they will not be replenished.
*Please note that colors may change from screen to screen and from lot to lot.