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Ball Piuma

Price €7.90

Composition: 65% Baby Alpaca Wool 30% Polyamide 5% Fine Merino Wool  
Weight: 50 gr / 1.76 oz
Lenght: 104 yd
Needle Size: US L/11 
Crochet Hook: US 11 - 13
Sample: 10x10 cm = 14M x 16F worknig with needle 8 mm US L/11 

Piuma is a light, airy yarn. Made of the highest quality fibers, 65% baby alpaca wool and 5% fine merino wool, it is itch-free to the touch and is ideal for both adults and children.

Piuma "Blown yarn", a thick yarn but feather light. A real pleasure to work!


Ball Intreccio

Price €7.00

Composition: 67% Extrafine Merino Wool Basolan 30% Baby Alpaca Wool 3% polyamide
Weight: 50 gr / 1.76 oz
Lenght: 65 yd
Needle Size: US 10/10.5
Crochet Hook: US H/8 -J/10
Sample: 10x10 cm = 13M x 19F worknig with needle 6 mm US 10

Delicate and very soft yarn made with high quality raw materials is composed of 67% extrafine merino wool basolan 30% wool alpaca baby 3% polyamide .


Ball Armonia

Regular price €4.60 -15% Price €3.91

Composition: 100% Extrafine merino wool shrinkresist
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 93 yd
Needle Size: US 8
Crochet Hook: US 7
Pull size tg UK 8-9 ca. 250 gr.

The finest yarn in Extra-fine, Shrink-proof, Pure Virgin Merino Wool. Excellent for making children’s clothes. Bright colours and a real pleasure to work with.

Made in Italy.


Ball Gioia

Regular price €4.60 -15% Price €3.91

Composition: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool Shrinkresist
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 93yds
Needle Size: US 4 - 6
Crochet Hook: US C/2
Pull size tg. UK 8 ca. 250gr

Highly prized yarn in pure virgin wool merino extrafine. Perfect for making  patterns for childs. Bright colors and a real pleasure for to work.
Made in Italy.


Ball Flavia Baby Grignasco Knits

Regular price €4.50 -15% Price €3.83

Composition: 100% wool merino
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 218 yds
Needles Size: US 2
Crochet Hook: US C/2

The main characteristics of Soffio Super Merino are the softness, volume, elasticity and even result, which makes it ideal for knitting structured patterns such as cables.


Ball copy of Beat Grignasco knits

Regular price €65.00 -50% Price €32.50

Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 100gr / 3,52oz
Lenght: 65 yds
Needles Size:  US15
Crochet Hook: US M/13

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