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Ball Piuma

Price €7.90

Composition: 65% Baby Alpaca Wool 30% Polyamide 5% Fine Merino Wool  
Weight: 50 gr / 1.76 oz
Lenght: 104 yd
Needle Size: US L/11 
Crochet Hook: US 11 - 13
Sample: 10x10 cm = 14M x 16F worknig with needle 8 mm US L/11 

Piuma is a light, airy yarn. Made of the highest quality fibers, 65% baby alpaca wool and 5% fine merino wool, it is itch-free to the touch and is ideal for both adults and children.

Piuma "Blown yarn", a thick yarn but feather light. A real pleasure to work!


Ball Intreccio

Price €7.00

Composition: 67% Extrafine Merino Wool Basolan 30% Baby Alpaca Wool 3% polyamide
Weight: 50 gr / 1.76 oz
Lenght: 65 yd
Needle Size: US 10/10.5
Crochet Hook: US H/8 -J/10
Sample: 10x10 cm = 13M x 19F worknig with needle 6 mm US 10

Delicate and very soft yarn made with high quality raw materials is composed of 67% extrafine merino wool basolan 30% wool alpaca baby 3% polyamide .


Ball Armonia

Regular price €4.60 -40% Price €2.76

Composition: 100% Extrafine merino wool shrinkresist
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 93 yd
Needle Size: US 8
Crochet Hook: US 7
Pull size tg UK 8-9 ca. 250 gr.

The finest yarn in Extra-fine, Shrink-proof, Pure Virgin Merino Wool. Excellent for making children’s clothes. Bright colours and a real pleasure to work with.

Made in Italy.


Ball Gioia

Regular price €4.60 -40% Price €2.76

Composition: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool Shrinkresist
Weight: 50gr / 1.76oz
Lenght: 93yds
Needle Size: US 4 - 6
Crochet Hook: US C/2
Pull size tg. UK 8 ca. 250gr

Highly prized yarn in pure virgin wool merino extrafine. Perfect for making  patterns for childs. Bright colors and a real pleasure for to work.
Made in Italy.