Set of crochet hook Prym Ergonomics 7 - 12 mm

Set of crochet hook Prym Ergonomics 7 - 12 mm



5 crochet hooks for wool in a variety of gauges in a set. The crochet hooks are made of special, light synthetic material ensuring that you can work effortlessly without strain on the wrists and they are comfortably warm to the touch.

Size: 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 12 mm
Color: 5 different colors


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Set of 9 crochet hooks Clover Amour

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Set of 9 crochet hooks
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Nine colored crochet hooks from the Clover Amour line, designed with making your work a real pleasure. Ideal for not tiring the hand during processing.

The carefully designed hook allows you to pass the thread through the links with greater ease. Each hook is made of aluminum.

Ergonomic hand-sized handle. 3D design allows for easy grip. The handles with a 3D curve fit comfortably on your fingertips, allowing you to knit tirelessly.

Soft and non-slip material. The entire handle is made of non-slip material to serve many different crochet styles. It has a comfortable and soft touch.